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Covert Technological Murder: Big Brother Approved! (Mind Control in America Book 3) (Volume 3)

ISBN: 9781492332787
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Edition: First
Publication Date: 2013-09-08
Number of pages: 294
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Scalar, Silent Sound, & Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and Drones are in widespread use. Thousands of unsuspecting individuals, families and communities are being targeted with extremely low frequency, remote mind control technologies, and lethal beams known as the Active Denial System (ADS) or Microwave Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and tracked via Scalar Waves in real time. As early as the 1930s, Nikola Tesla, and others called this type of weapon, using electromagnetic energy, the “Death Ray.” Extremely low frequency, ELF, radio waves today are deliverable through handheld, portable, land, sea, and space based scalar wave systems and deployed from numerous state-of-the-art, military, contractors, and law enforcement operation centers. The characteristic of this technology’s covert use, when used in relentless attacks on Targeted Individuals is its intentional, deceptive, frightening design, designed to give the appearance of naturally occurring death although, it is technological, electromagnetic, slow kill. Leukemia, tumorous cancers, heart inflictions and a host of other intentional medical conditions are manifested in Targeted Individuals resulting in slow debilitating illnesses and diseases. Those being used in remote technological experimentation, for many and varied reasons, are witnessing slow manifestation of illnesses which range from unusual joint deterioration, to depression, migraines, weakness, and fatigue, to also extreme, and medically unexplained, severe neurological problems and autoimmune disease. Whistleblowers are described within the Targeted Individual community as "Primary Targets." “Primary Targeted Individuals” are those who have been placed on a hit list, marked for slow kill, and are being heavily targeted, 24/7, in intentional physical and psychological torture programs using remotely directed microwave energy weapons, laser weapons, acoustic sound, and psychotronic weapons in a decisive manner to covertly, technologically, take life. Many Primary Targets are also placed into a total psychological operation where they also become targets within their community by organized stalking and harassment initiatives where neighbors become vigilantes. This arm of the program also entails lethal harassment, such as being drugged, poisoned, Gas Lighted, through entry into the target’s home and various types of assaults. The overall structure of this program is to destroy every aspect of the target’s life, mentally and physically by using technology to create systematic organ damage resulting from the deployment of the focused, directional beam relentlessly. Targeted Individuals who end up at this level, in this program are often those who begin to realize what is happening and become whistle blowers such as Renee Pittman M. “The Program” does not just stop with Primaries. In the full spectrum of this ruthless, testing program, “Ordinary Targeted Individuals” are people who have been unsuspectingly put on a list to be either experimented on, destroyed, or mind controlled, with remote microwave weapons. Women, said to be 70% of those targeted, fit this category, especially when single and living alone and can also be sexually exploited. Once a Targeted Individual is put on the “Hit List,” as thousands are reporting today, they are monitored around the clock by constant satellite surveillance, from military and Federal fusion centers, or State and local operations, while being literally, relentlessly tortured, both psychologically and physically through remote weapon attacks from every direction which again, includes organized stalking networks trained on portable versions of these powerful weapons. It is all done quietly, covertly, secretly, and is strategically, slyly orchestrated. Without public awareness, through main stream media exposing these crimes, Targeted Individuals have no real help and the torture results in “Covert Technological Murder- Big Brother Approved” without leaving a trace.

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