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Bible Prophecy & Trump: Daniel Prophesied of a Goat Stubborn King of the West that will Make His Nation Great in the End Times Then the Unthinkabl

ISBN: 9781520542799
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Date: 2017-02-09
Number of pages: 204
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The world is uneasy with the United States’ election of Donald Trump as its forty-fifth president. One could not help but marvel at his ascendency to the presidency after publicly breaking every norm and social mores that polite society holds dear. The name “Donald” means world ruler, and no he is not the antichrist, but he is a man of destiny. Open a King James Bible and read Daniel chapter 8 with a dictionary and you cannot help but see that he is the prophesied king of the west who “at the time of the end” will fulfill the prophecy in making his nation “very great.” (Daniel 8:9) Televangelists are failing to inform their audiences of this prophecy that once served to predict the rise of Alexander the Great, as a mighty western Grecian king, who would conquer the Mideast; that no one could withstand putting Europe on the map as a force to be reckoned with. The prophecy states of itself that it will again serve “at the time of the end” to identify a king of the west with the disposition of a “he goat” that no nation will be able to withstand as he makes his nation “very great” prior to and unthinkable event that will occur that cause four nations to vie as superpowers in the “in the latter times of their kingdom” of whom one will arise that Daniel indentifies as “the little horn” known to Christians as antichrist (Daniel 8:9). The prophet Daniel famous for interpreting “the handwriting on the wall” in Babylon called Iraq today is the same Daniel of the lion’s den who wrote of a prophetic vision he for an “appointed time” - “the time of the end.” He had this vision in front of a river in Iraq. His dual purposed vision points out that in the end times a “strong” leader of the west, whom he identifies as “king” with the character of a Billy goat will be known for his stubborn personality. The prophet wrote that this king of the west calling him in parable a “he goat” who will be moved with “choler.” Webster’s defines choler as “a ready disposition to irritation. 2) Irascible marked by a hot temper and easily provoked to anger.” Oxford dictionary defines being moved with “choler” as “a peevish temperament easily provoked to anger.” Daniel forecast that “at the time of the end” this king of the west will “be moved with choler” as his ire is stirred against Persia, called Iran since 1936 (Daniel 8:5). The first portion of Daniel 8 is in parable form describing the western leader launching an air attack as a “he goat” whose “feet touched not the ground” as it tackles a “ram having two horns.” Later, in the chapter describing, Daniel’s parable reveals that the “two horns” as the kings of Media and Persia/Iran. Daniel prophesied that “at the time of the end” a king of the west will trample the leaders of Iraq and Iran into the dust. On September 11, 2001, a king of the west was caught flat-footed when he was reading a children’s book “My Pet Goat” to school kids in Florida, when his nation was air attacked. Later, this western leader, President George W. Bush under his motto “Stay the course” initiated an unprovoked attack on Iraq in a war called “Iraqi Freedom” leading to its dictator (i.e. king according to Daniel) Saddam Hussein being toppled in death in 2003. This was the first stage of Daniel’s prophecy. Presently, in 2017, this war still endures, because Daniel predicted that the West’s attack near the territory of Media conquered by Alexander must also topple Persia’s\Iran’s leader. However, when this “he goat” leader from the west defeats Persia (Iran), Daniel writes that his nation will become “very great” after this king of the west destroys this second king being Iran’s leader (Daniel 8:8). Now, God has positioned this man named Donald, meaning “world ruler” Trump as “the king of the west” in these end times and has established him with a goat’s stubbornness that has served him well in ascending to the office of president of the United States under the motto “Make America Great Again”.

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